︎ GROWTH ︎

Nestle in and put your feet up!

This week in the #SpaceUsMicrocosm: Quarantine buddies and illustrators Rose Wong and Thomas Colligan invite you into a reading nook and gallery, filled with works centered around the theme of growth. Also on view: Nichole Shinn and Logan Fitzpatrick—former classmates from Pratt.

They were last all together at a Super Tuesday viewing party. How do they stay in touch these days during lockdown? “We send each other memes,” says Rose.

Inside their mini-world, you’ll find zines about sanitation and dreams, works created from discarded envelopes, hypnotic floral patterns, prints about workplace plants—and more.

Rose and Thomas also collaborated on a print for the Space Us Procrastination Kit—which you can bring into your home—at full scale—by clicking here.